Important Release Date Information: MADiSON VR

On March 22nd Unity released a new SDK which allowed us the possibility to hit a 90hz mode instead of our planned 60/120 (interpolation) mode.  We were hopeful we could implement this change in MADiSON VR, via a rapid patch, and still hit the release date.   However, it is clear now that we can’t (in addition to the development, Sony quite rightly mandate an additional full five day Submission after implementation).

We would like to give you a little more information about how the new SDK will improve your MADiSON VR gameplay:

Our ambition is to create a realistic and daunting atmosphere with MADiSON VR. And we achieved this through realistic real-time lighting and shadows.  These elements heavily utilise the CPU on all platforms.

To make this possible in VR, we use a technique called “Single-Pass Rendering” so that resource-heavy operations are only done once per frame. Unfortunately, our use of this previously precluded us from also using the eye-tracked dynamic foveated rendering (DFR) feature on PSVR 2, as the Unity PSVR 2 implementation had a known issue with this combination. Without DFR, it would have only been possible to release using the 60/120 (interpolation) mode, which worked adequately, however we always felt fell a little short of the quality we were striving for.   As of 22nd March Unity’s new SDK, now opens up DFR and by extension the possibility to hit the 90hz mode. A last minute improvement we simply can’t ignore.  


We know this will be very disappointing to fans of VR and horror and we are sorry to have to bring you this news.   But we believe this is the best action.

We have agonised as to whether to release the game as planned and then patch up to the 90Hz mode (fully re tested) when ready, but we feel the opportunity afforded by the 90hz mode is really important and MADiSON VR should be released in it’s newly possible final form, and so we have made the difficult decision to delay the game by a few weeks.

We anticipate the additional development work to be relatively straight forward and once we have set up our new submission and the resultant release slot with PlayStation and Steam, we will let you know the new release date which we should be able to give you early next week.


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