Withering Rooms is OUT NOW!

Explore an ever changing Victorian Mansion taking on Monsters, Bosses and so much more in the 2.5D Horror RPG!
Available now digitally on PS5, XBSX, & PC!


Check out some of the reviews so far…

“Withering Rooms is one of the most unique horror games I’ve ever played.” – Nerd Space Games on YT

“Had a blast with it, so much customization in terms of builds. Insane what a solo dev managed to accomplish.” – Distortion2

“Indie devs doing what AAA rarely do anymore.” – @Aldath on Steam

“Suspiciously good. Alarmingly good. A truly, astonishingly, weird little gem.” – @Jartasm on Steam


Those of you in Europe can pick up the physical edition from May 10th, including the stunning physical full Bestiary Catalogue. Check it out below.


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