The Perp Elite App

The Perp Elite App allows you to Experience breath taking AR on some of our Perp Physical Release games.


To experience the Augmented Reality, you will first need to download the Perp Elite App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Or if you prefer, please use these QR codes to lead you directly to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

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Download the “Away The Survival Series” Art and experience the Sugar Glider in your own home

We are proud to announce that as part of our commitment to the 2021 Green Games Jam, we created an Augmented Reality Experience that plays through the front of the Away The Survival Series box (and on the postcard inside the box).

The Augmented Reality works for anyone who has the boxed version of the game and have also made a downloadable version of the art for home printing, so anyone can experience the Augmented Reality and help expand the PLAY4FORESTS message.
The Augmented Reality Experience ends with a direct link to the PLAY4FORESTS petition, which encourages gamers to sign a pledge to call on world leaders to protect our forests. As PLAY4FORESTS says, “Right now the danger is us, but we can also be the solution. Every voice counts – show that you care.

The Art as well as instructions can be downloaded above. You don’t need a code, simply press the ‘Download’ button on the page

Further instructions will be found in the app tutorial before you launch the AR scene. The app has been designed to work on all iOS devices and most mid-end and high-end Android devices. Out Privacy Policy can be found here: Perp App – Privacy Policy.

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