Where The Heart Leads – With Limited Edition Music CD and Signed Postcard

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Developed by Industry Legends and key developers of the acclaimed Metroid Prime franchise, Austin, Texas-based Armature Studio ’s work includes development support for legendary franchises like Metal Gear Solid, Fortnite, Borderlands, and Batman: Arkham.

Where the Heart Leads is on the PS4 and is their original IP.  The game follows the journey of a lifetime for one man. Farmer and husband Whit Anderson awakens in a world beyond imagining, where moments from his past, present, and future manifest like dreams. Discover if the grass is greener, whether fate can change, and how one life orbits countless others.

This Perp Store Exclusive Edition includes all the goodies you get from the Standard Retail edition (shown below) plus an extra postcard signed by Creative Director / company co-founder Todd Keller.     (Please note the game is PS4 and this is not a VR game)

There is also a special  limited Edition CD Soundtrack, complete with mini artbook – see the image below.    Only 100 of the CD’s have been manufactured.


Where The Heart Leads will be available from 16th July 2021.  Please note the Perp Store Edition is delivered as a European PAL Copy.

All Release Dates may be subject to change due to any issues raised by distribution and transport delays caused by COVID 19

We ship games globally but please note different regions have different age rating systems.     As a result, we can only ship to collectors in non PEGI countries, who want to have the European pack in their collection, but do not intend to open the packaging and play.


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