Vertigo 2 – Poster and Stickers Edition

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VERTIGO 2 –  A single player adventure built from the ground up for VR.

Release Date: 9th February 2024

Age Rating:  16+

Genre: Action, Shooter

Format: PlayStation VR2 is required to play this game


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Deep underground in the reaches of Quantum Reactor VII, you awake to finish your journey home. You’ll have to face bizarre alien flora and fauna leaking from other universes – and deadly android security forces whose job is to purge the reactor of all life. Try to determine who to trust as sinister agents lurk just out of sight.


  • Huge, bespoke world design.
    • An incredible range of environments makes Vertigo 2 a constantly fresh adventure
  • Enemy variety
    • Dozens of creatures and robots are waiting to be discovered
  • State of the art VR weapons
    • Carry a huge arsenal of weapons, all with unique reload mechanics
  • Intense boss fights
    • Vertigo is notorious for its ambitious boss encounters


This Perp Store edition includes a limited edition A4 poster of the box artwork, signed inlay and character stickers – Only 100 copies have been printed!


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Playstation 5 with PSVR2

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