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Theseus is an immersive VR experience, that offers a new take on the myth of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth.

Release Date: OUT NOW !

Age Rating: 12+

Genre: Action / Adventure

Format: PlayStation VR is required to play this game

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Theseus is an immersive VR experience that offers a new take on the myth of the Minotaur.

Discover the potential of 3rd person view in Virtual Reality: explore a labyrinth filled with thrill and danger, as you face the impossible odds of a fight between man and monster!

…You wake up alone, stranded in a hostile and mysterious place.

With Ariadne’s voice as your only guide, you explore alleys and chambers, venturing deep into the darkness.

In the distance, you can see a pillar of light that beckons you to go forward. Soon, however, you shall discover that you are not alone…

The mighty Minotaur is the ruler of this world, and you are not a welcomed visitor!

Enjoy a mix of exploration, story and combat, with a strong cinematic approach to Virtual Reality.

Do you have what it takes to unveil the truth that lies at the heart of the labyrinth?

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Action, Adventure


Playstation 4, PSVR


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