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We join with the people of the world in being deeply saddened by the events in Ukraine.

Inspired by all the brave people and images we are seeing, we feel in the face of this tragedy, we all must help as much as possible.    Part of our response at Perp Games is that we have created these ‘Stand With Ukraine’ WristBands.

We are selling these wrist bands for £4.99 with 100% of all the profit going to charity.   Detailed description of how the profit is calculated, as well as details of the charity we are supporting, can be read in the Description section of this website below.

The wrist bands are made from recyclable Silicone.


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100% of all profits will go direct to UNICEF.  Profit is defined as all revenue received minus the money paid to the supplier to make the wrist band and any postage.

Donate now to protect children in Ukraine

Postage is free in the UK, but for all International Orders please fill out the details in this link and we can quote you for the postage.  International Orders – Perp (

They are designed as ‘One size fits all’ but please be aware as this is a charity item, we can’t refund on the basis that it does not fit.


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