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Prepare to race on a track like no other! Radial G offers full immersion combat racing, with gut-wrenching twists, jumps, splits and unique inverted racing.

Release Date: OUT NOW !

Age Rating: 7+

Genre: Action / Arcade / Driving / Racing

Format: This game is PlayStation VR compatible

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Climb into the cockpit of a futuristic race craft and tear up the anti-gravity track. Offering single & multi-player action, Radial-G delivers full immersion combat racing featuring gut-wrenching twists, jumps, splits & unique inverted racing.

  • PSVR supported.
  • Stunning environments set in the depths of space with three regions in and around a derelict asteroid mining station.
  • Insanely fast racing.
  • A thumping EDM soundtrack
  • Grueling Single Player Career mode to work through unlocking additional race craft
  • A choice of seven race craft, unlockable by reaching ranks in multiplayer and through completing Single Player Career mode tiers
  • 8-player online multiplayer support
  • Offline and single player modes against AI opponents
  • Combat gameplay modes with five weapons to blow away your opponents
  • Balance the risk and reward of converting your shield to additional user-controlled boost
  • Cockpit and 3rd-person camera views (VR supports cockpit view only)

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Action, Arcade, Racing, Driving


Playstation 4, PSVR


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