Paper Dolls

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Paper Dolls is a first person VR horror game which explores the ancient ruins of the late Qing dynasty in the search for your daughter.

Release Date: OUT NOW !

Age Rating: 12+

Genre: Horror / Adventure

Format: PlayStation VR is required to play this game

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Paper Dolls is a first-person VR horror game with a hint of Asian culture. The story begins with a man driving his daughter to his estranged wife’s house. On the road, this man, tortured by depression, was deeply immersed in his past memories. Suddenly, his car crashed and he lost consciousness. When the man woke up, he found himself, daughter-less, in a deserted ancient Chinese house.

  • Exploring an eerie ancient house with caution, in search of your daughter
  • Challenge your logical reasoning as the story becomes twisted
  • The enemy who haunts the place is mysterious, evil, and is behind every danger.
  • Only by conquering fear can you survive, but when you think it’s over, the real story begins

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Adventure, Horror


Playstation 4, PSVR


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