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Naught Switch


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Naught Signed Edition (Switch Format – Voucher Code in box)

Please note for this game, there is no cartridge.   It is delivered as a voucher code inside the box.

In Naught, players learn to rotate the environment through a full 360 degrees in order to progress through a dark underworld full of mystery. This unique control scheme will see you tackle complex challenges, encourage you to discover hidden areas, and claim secret treasures as you defy gravity through turbulent and narrow labyrinths.

The game has a distinct, noir aesthetic, setting the tone for an underground world full of light and shadow. Its main character, Naught is a soul that has been awakened to face these shadows, while also striving to protect what he loves most in this world.

The signed inlays that are part of this Limited Edition Set are exclusive to the Perp Games Online Store and restricted to the first 30 customers only.

For more information on the game, click here

Naught Extended Edition includes: –

  • All forty levels from the base game, as well as thirty brand new levels
  • Downloadable Digital goodies
  • An Inlay signed by the developers

All Release Dates may be subject to change due to any issues raised by distribution and transport delays caused by COVID 19

You will receive an unopened and shrink-wrapped game and the signed inlay from the developers, Wild Sphere will be delivered shortly thereafter .

Please note – We will aim to get the disc delivered for day one release, currently 133th November.   But the signed inlay may take a little bit longer to arrive due to the time taken for the developers to receive and sign the inlay

We ship games globally but please note different regions have different age rating systems.     As a result, we can only ship to collectors in non PEGI countries, who want to have the European pack in their collection, but do not intend to open the packaging and play. 

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