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CoolPaintr VR Deluxe Limited Signed Edition


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CoolPaintr VR is the awesome experience of painting in 3D space with VR.

This special Deluxe Edition contains the following content.

For more information on the game, click here

The pre order consists of a signed inlay from the team at Sngular, and a sealed copy of the PSVR game CoolPaintr VR. This pre order is exclusive to the Perp Games Online Store

The signed inlays that are part of this Limited Edition Set are exclusive to the Perp Games Online Store and restricted to the first 25 customers only. You will receive an unopened and shrink-wrapped game and then a signed inlay from Sngular.

Please note – We will aim to get the disc delivered for day one release, but the signed inlay may take a little bit longer to arrive due to the time taken for the developers to receive and sign the inlay

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