VR SKATER – Finger Board and T-Shirt Edition

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The most authentic, challenging, and immersive skating game ever!

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Age Rating: 16+

Genre: Skate Boarding

Format: PlayStation VR2 is required to play this game


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VR SKATER is designed from the ground up for VR to give you the most authentic, challenging, and immersive skating game ever.  Picture the board under your feet, the rolling, clicking sound of rubber wheels against the tiled pavement before you pop that perfect ollie.

Feel like you are really skating, with the most innovative input mechanics allowing you the board control you’ve always dreamed of. Moving your hands in the same motions you would follow with your feet gives a perspective and level of control never before seen and the sense of fulfilment experienced upon perfectly executing even the most basic tricks is something that never leaves you!

To help you master the art of street skateboarding, you’ll will be guided through flip tricks, grab tricks, grinds, slides and manuals enabling you to conquer each of these skills to carve out skating lines and combos during game runs. All of which each helps you rack up those points for that all time high score run!

You will skate across 7 stunning urban environments as well as the Mega Ramp. Test your mettle by launching yourself across the chasm. A truly amazing experince in VR.

Enjoy XP, medals, trophies, leaderboards and the VR Skater shop, where you can exchange your hard earned XP and swap out your grip tape, trucks, wheels and of course, that all important board artwork!

VR Skater Collectors Edition includes a sealed PEGI copy of the game, an inlay printed with the signatures of the development team, a VR Skater branded ‘finger board’, a white t-shirt with VR Skater printed on the back, 2 x ‘checkerboard’ board stickers and  2 x VR Skater logo stickers – Only 100 sets available !

Note: When ordering please let us know if you would like a large or extra large t-shirt.

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All Release Dates may be subject to change due to issues that are beyond our control. 

Perp Store sells games globally but please be aware that different regions have different age rating systems.

As a result, we can only ship to collectors in non PEGI countries, who want to have the European pack in their collection, but do not intend to open the packaging and play.

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