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The Relic: First Guardian  is an apocalyptic fantasy adventure game where players must collect the pieces of the great relics and lead the world back to prosperity.

Release Date: Coming Soon!

Age Rating: TBC

Genre: Action – Adventure

Format: PS5

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Guardian, gather the pieces of the great relic and seal the void of darkness!

The fate of the Arsiltus is now in your hands. In this action RPG, you embark on a heroic adventure to save the world in the dark as the last guardian. The once-prosperous Arsiltus was swallowed up by the void created by the destruction of the great relic and transformed into the land of death. Now your mission is to find the pieces of the broken great relic and close the void. You are the last hope of the Arsiltus. Start your journey as a guardian, gather pieces of great relic and close the void. Your adventure will bring Arsiltus into a new era.

  • Explore The Relic
    • Adventure freely in the collapsed world of The Relic whilst following an exciting story, in this semi-open world action RPG. Enjoy the thrill of exploring an apocalyptic fantasy world and a variety of action packed experiences.
  • Choose Your Own Play Style
    • Choose from 5 different types of weapon options, of which form the basis of the action. Each weapon has its unique skills which can be changed according to your play style.
  • Solve The Riddle if Arsiltus
    • Embark on an adventure as a guardian to collect the pieces of the great relics and lead the world back to prosperity.
  • Character System
    • In The Relic, characters do not have levels. Instead runes, items, and crafting are used to strengthen your character. Complete dungeons and defeat bosses to expand your world and grow your character to the greatest potential.


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