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Chernobylite is a science-fiction survival horror RPG, set in the hyper-realistic, 3D-scanned wasteland of Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone.   You’ll take on the role of Igor, a physicist and ex-employee of the Chernobyl Power Plant, returning to Pripyat to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his fiancee, 30 years prior.

The Standard Edition comes with the PS4 game, a digital artbook and digital postcards, as well as a physical map of the in game exclusion Zone inside the box.

Chernobylite will be available from October 1st.   Please note the Perp Store Edition is delivered as a UK PAL Copy.

All Release Dates may be subject to change due to any issues raised by distribution and transport delays caused by COVID 19

We ship games globally but please note different regions have different age rating systems.     As a result, we can only ship to collectors in non PEGI countries, who want to have the European pack in their collection, but do not intend to open the packaging and play.



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2 reviews for Chernobylite PS4

  1. Shaun

    I bought the digital edition on psn waiting for my physical copy I just wanna say this game reminds me alot of metro exodus and the older fallout series dialogue is fun multiple choices stealth is nice as well when you kill someone silently you actually have to be away from the other enemy or he will hear the guy scream all in all very good game highly recommended IMO

    • Mickey Torode


      Thanks for your email. Really appreciate the feedback:)


  2. PeterLan

    Sehr gut 👍

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