Unbound Worlds Apart

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Release Date: 11/02/2022
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Unbound Worlds Apart  is a Gorgeous Hand drawn, challenging puzzle platformer. Unbound: Worlds Apart allows you to wield the power of portals at the press of a button! Players must harness these world-altering abilities to overcome malevolent monsters, mind-boggling puzzles and stop a perilous evil from tearing reality apart. Players teleport in as Soli, a young mage with the power to open portals and control the properties of each world - such as inverse gravity, time manipulation, super strength and more. There are 10 different portals with unique mechanics to discover.



Brutal Platforming

You must use every skill Soli has to defeat a ruthless evil that is tearing reality apart, while learning the shocking truth behind your world’s collapse.

A truly unique and innovating gameplay experience

Soli has a unique ability to create portals to travel to the separate worlds and when he does, he is subject to the unique laws of physics each world has. One world may make Soli super small, another reverses gravity, or gives him super strength. One even turns Soli into a boulder

Deadly Worlds

As Soli you can explore large worlds full of hidden secrets and unlockable skills that open up even more of the map as you progress.

Fantastic Looking

Vibrant and detailed hand-drawn artwork and breath-taking orchestral soundtrack


Unbound Worlds Apart

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