PLAYSTATION VR2 Seeker My Shadow

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Release Date: 09/06/2023
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Seeker My Shadow is set in a mesmerizing VR environment with a fascinating narrative and exciting tale that players of all ages can discover and enjoy. You step in the shoes of mountain sized giant, Spirit, and your goal is to lead and assist a tiny yet courageous Seeker named "Kippo" as he rescues and gather his friends to safety.    


Two playable characters

To locate the hints dispersed across the levels and solve the puzzles, you must guide both Kippo and the Great Spirit at the same time and take advantage of their diverse abilities.

Beautiful World

Explore the diverse set of compelling levels and discover the story by overcoming casual yet demanding puzzles as a single player, or as an asymmetric cooperative with your mate.

Play in co-op

Play in co-op mode, as one of the players, either Kippo or the Spirit, while your partner controls the other.

Adorable diorama puzzles

So full of charm that it’s really hard not to fall in love with this peaceful VR puzzler


PLAYSTATION VR2 Seeker My Shadow

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