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Release Date: 12/04/2024
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Mixture is a fantasy action-adventure in which two enemies in an alliance of necessity traverse barren worlds in a quest for redemption. In this dual character control game, you alternate between playing as the master alchemist Sephairos and exiled knight Sola, in both first and third person perspectives. As an odd couple, you must platform, mix materials, cast and melee, solve puzzles, and defeat giant bosses to survive this atmospheric tale! 



Dual character control

Slash and scythe your way into battle as Steel Moth Knight Sola, whilst casting alchemical defence from the skies as the guardian, Alchemist Sephairos.

Explore the Wastelands

Journey through hand crafted dangerous barren lands of living metals, ores and crystals.

Fight for the light

Oversized bosses to defeat on your path of redemption.

Hours of exploration

Four unique biomes and more than 30 levels.



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