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Release Date: 08/04/2022
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Set in Providence Oaks, Oregon in 1986, Lake is an incredibly pretty, laidback, open-world game, consisting of a free-roaming driving sim and a story driven point-and-click adventure. You take on the role of Meredith Weiss, who’s taking a break from her high-flying career in the city, visiting her childhood lakeside town for two weeks, to stand in for her dad as the mail carrier.



Drive the mail truck through the scenic forests of Oregon

Stopping off at beautifully detailed locations to deliver letters and packages, and get to know the town's quirky locals.

Experience two weeks of branching story that doesn't shy away f

Choose after-work activities: hang out with your friends, help out your neighbours or stay home and read a book. Get to know a range of engaging characters, each with their own personalities and quirks

Determine your own story:

There are no 'right' or wrong answers

Stay or Go?

By the end of the two weeks, she’ll have to decide whether to head back to her life in the city or to stay in Providence Oaks.


With so many me too’s it is so refreshing to see a developer  do something different. If i could live me life again i […]

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