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Release Date: 11/11/2021
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Gravitational is an Award-Winning VR physics-based puzzle game Gravitational takes place in a utopic future, where large corporations are in a race with each other to develop ‘gravitational travel & control’ systems.  Systems which will revolutionize the World.



Experience Zero Gravity

Navigate the world using both Sebastian’s wheelchair and also experience and master movement in ‘Zero Gravity’.

More than a game

Supported by UNESCO, Games for Change and winner of The ‘Itamaraty’ Social Impact games Award, Gravitational also received an honorable mention for the ‘Big Impact and Diversity’ category at Big Festival, in May 2021.

Physics based Gravitational Puzzle Game

Playing as Sebastian, a scientist at GraviCorp, you are at the heart of a huge incident resulting in the main core collapse. It is down to Sebastian to bring the accident under control and avoid a major catastrophe.

Award Winning

Winner of ‘The Itamaraty Social Impact Games Award’, 'Game for Change' Award as well as the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at the Big Festival in May 2021.


Releasing today across the PlayStation stores and Steam, the Award-Winning PSVR title Gravitational, is more than a game, participating in the Unesco Games for […]

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