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Evotinction is an amazing looking, thought provoking stealth game, developed by an incredible talented new studio.  Set in the near future, ‘Evotinction’ challenges the relationship between evolution and extinction.  As AI, gene editing and quantum entanglement technologies rapidly develop, its potential threat grows as well. Our biggest fear is one day our greatest achievement, will turns on its creators.    A cutting-edge research facility has been taken over by virus infected AI drones and have wiped out the humans.    All connections to the outside have been cut off. There are no signs of human life left in the facility



Stealth gameplay

Evotinction is a stealth game in which the player must utilize hacking skills

Rich Hacking Skills

Evotinction provides players with a variety of hacking skills, including releasing viruses that trigger malfunctions in enemies

Scanning Skills

Players can scan any object. to determine their function and then disable or take control of the object.

Progression System

Data collected from enemy can be analyzed at Workstations . Processed data can be used to develop and upgrade new hacking skills.



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