PLAYSTATION VR 2 Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate

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Release Date: 22/02/2023
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Play all three Episodes of the anime-style science fiction crime investigation.   (note Episode III is available as post release Season Pass.)     Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate is a VR investigation game offers an immersive cinematic experience and an epic story.



A VR Investigation

Your investigation will take you from reality to dream world, dream world to reality, and back again as you seek the truth behind the case!

Special Powers - Rewind time and alter the past

Use your special ability to dive into the memories lingering in items you find. Pick your moments and interfere with the past to set the future on a different course.

Stealth and Puzzles

In the course of your investigation you'll find your life on the line. Will you seek your enemy's blind spot, or try and draw their attention away from you? Clues lie hidden across the city for you to find, but the deeper you dig, the more mysteries you'll unearth.

Trail - Face the Integrated AI

Reenact the crime with the evidence you collect and reveal the truth


PLAYSTATION VR 2 Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate

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