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A tragic story about one man’s battle to retain sanity and fight to shut out the voices in his head. Inspired by true events.  Under immense pressure in a terrifying and oppressive environment, Michael J. Goreng, an infamous zoologist and epidemiologist is trapped within a warped version of his own house His wife and daughter are in severe danger



A disturbing survival horror, inspired by escape room mechanics

Escape the house whilst dealing with a mysterious paranormal threat, stalking you and your family The pressure is intense as a clock in the bottom corner ticks down to zero. The clock stops. You must get out of the room. NOW

Old School Survival Horror

Designed around the true survival horror values of vulnerability and fear –with mechanics such as permadeath and an emphasis on hiding over fighting.

Procedurally designed, for Replayability

Each new game will have a new house layout, key objects will be in different locations and each playthrough will be a complete experience from beginning to end

Solve the puzzles to escape

Thanks to the procedurally designed gameplay, there are over 2,193, 360 different puzzle combinations,


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