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Release Date: 21/01/2022
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Blackwind is a slick looking top-down sci-fi action - shooter / hack and slash game. The game puts you against hordes of enemies and frantic battles in a desperate attempt to stop a planetary invasion. The action is fast, frenetic and brutal.  



Choose your playstyle

The Battle Frame is equipped with long range weapons, such as guns and missiles and melee weapons such as swords Engage in melee combat, shoot at will, launch missiles at enemies, or use special Battle Suit powers to survive showdowns

Finishing moves

Fiercely terminate your opponents with brutal and powerful finishing move

Evolve your Battle Frame with new powers

Three different progression paths allow expanding the basic actions of Battle Frame to unlocking new weapons. such as double jumping and missiles that automatically capture enemies. In addition, there are many skins that can change the appearance of the Battle Frame.

Local Coop Mode

The Battle Frame and its Drone can be controlled by two players. One player controls the Battle Frame and the other can control your Battle Frame’s drone.



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