Traverse, at breakneck speed, through the dangerous passageways of an abandoned space station, thanks to your grappling hooks and thrusters

Release date:Developer:
March 13thGamedust

Yupitergrad is a stylised and unique looking single player, ‘Dieslepunk in space’, VR game, packed with over 50 levels, some crazy platforming stunts, special puzzles, riddles and lots of humour



Coming March 13th on PSVR

Over 50 tight-packed levels to conquer

Armed with two mechanical grapple ‘plungers’ your mission is to completing tasks like finding batteries and fixing equipment and restore a seemingly-empty science facility to full production

Indiana Jones-like navigation

Swing yourself through all the 50 levels. Avoid traps and other moving deadly stuff. Catch moving machinery, and inherit momentum from their motion, sending you flying in exhilarating speed

Brand New Time Attack mode

And what is cool is that it is on the disc


Coming March 13th


Yupitergrad has it ALL;  Grappling hooks, boosters, wacky humor, spatial stunts, Dieselpunk adventure, undeniable charm, space acrobatics, stylized graphics, and out-of-the-box puzzles