The American Dream

The American Dream is a satirical trip through a 1950’s World’s fair.

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Out NowSamurai Punk

The American Dream shines a hilarious light on our digital obsession with guns


A tremendously entertaining VR shooter


I found it much funnier than expected

PC Gamer

Play By Play – Finalist

April, 2017

The MIX (GDC Week 2017) – Selection

February, 2017

Indie Megabooth PAX East – Selection

March, 2017

Indie Prize – Best Audio Nominee

May, 2017

Indie Prize – Best VR Nominee

May, 2017

Busan Indie Connect – Selection

March, 2017

THE AMERICAN DREAM will see players travel through vast complexes constructed by respected gun manufacturers as they show the world the virtues of guns for the common man. The world sets its sights on a future where guns can be used for eating a meal, driving a car and even providing work for the family. With everything from pistols to rifles and shotguns, you’ll learn how to take care of your everyday needs.



See the world through the eyes of a true patriot.

Twenty Heartwarming Stages

Full of pulse-pounding, brain-tingling, action-packed experiences of average American life

Guns for every job!

For every task in life, there is a suitable gun for the job. Purchase and try out a variety of firearms.

A-List Acting!

Hear the voice acting talents of Michael Dobson as Buddy Washington, known for his roles in Dragon Ball Z and Transformers

Guns and bullets

Lots of them


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