Can’t Drive This

Can’t Drive This’ is  a competitive co-op multiplayer party racing game and some of the most fun you will have on your console in 2021

Release date:Developer:
From 19th MarchPixel Maniacs

With 2-player online multiplayer game as well as up to 4 players on local split screen, single player, 4 games modes, literally trillions of customizable options across vehicles and tracks (no, we have not tried them all), and leaderboards, the fun never stops



Coming March 19th

One Player drives

While one player builds

Multiplayer Madness

Great multi player modes Inc. 4 player local and 2 player online CO-OP, as a single player game

Crazy Fun

One of the most chaotic and fun CO-OP games out there.


Coming March 19th

On PS4 and PS5