A day of spooky boxed releases!

It’s an exciting day for boxed releases at Perp Games – with the release of both Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets AND Withering Rooms physical editions!

Both of these editions come with wonderfully intriguing physical extras, keep reading to check them out…

Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets

If you’re yet to check out Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets, you’re in for a treat. This Indie Horror gem is a macabre story of living puppets, uncontrolled animatronics and more nightmarish beings.

After a long period without finding a job, Jack is forced to join the family business, which he had disowned since he was a child. He begins what will be his first case, simple in appearance, but which will suddenly become his worst nightmare. In this first-person horror, you must manage your resources well in a fight to survive, whilst you investigate the terrifying locations – including an abandoned theme park where you can even ride the rides! Check out the trailer here.

NextPlayer.IT says “A continuous feeling of anxiety that I haven’t felt for a long time” – 8.5/10 Check out the full review here.

In the physical edition of the game, which is OUT NOW, you can also collect a special post card from the park:


Withering Rooms

Take on the role of young Nightingale in this challenging 2.5D RPG that draws inspiration from roguelikes, Soulslikes and classic survival horror games. 

Explore an expansive procedurally generated map that includes all of Mostyn House and the hedge mazes, tombs, caves, churches, and ruins that lie beyond its gates. Create your own perfect build by finding or crafting a wide variety of weapons, tools, spells, outfits, and magical artifacts. Encounter a cast of strange friends, merchants, and liars each with their own agenda. Check out the trailer here.

God is a Geek says “Withering Rooms offers a different approach to horror with its roguelike elements, and design of the asylum always begged me to explore.” – Read the whole review here.

The physical edition is OUT NOW and includes a beautiful FULL physical Bestiary Catalogue:


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