IGN Latest Round Up Features Perp Games!

IGN’s latest round up is here and we’re proud to say not one but two Perp Games titles made it into the features! Check it out below…

MADiSON VR won ‘The New Hotness’ with IGN’s Adam Mathew saying “much to my delight, Madison VR put me on edge quickly and kept me there for about 6 hours.

Vertigo 2 won ‘Best 2024 PSVR2 Shooters’ – “it’s the unique weaponry and challenging firefights that made me fall for this 10 hour shooter. I couldn’t resist the urge to push further in to find (or puzzle acquire) yet another attitude-adjuster or a one-use upgrade station to enhance an older favourite.”

Check out the full article here https://www.ign.com/articles/the-best-ps-vr2-games-to-play-in-2024-and-one-of-them-is-free


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