MADiSON VR Preview – reviews are in!

The first Preview reviews of MADiSON VR are in! Check out what they had to say about the scariest game EVER coming to VR…

GamertagVR – The Scariest VR Game I’ve Ever Played (

“I never played Madison before and had no idea what to expect from Madison VR on PSVR2 but nothing could have prepared me for this. Madison VR is absolultey terrifying.”


Godisgeek – MADiSON on PSVR2 is as terrifying as you’d expect | Hands-on preview |

“MADiSON VR is impressive in virtual reality, and the way Bloodious Games has created the tension without overdoing the jump scares is fantastic. It builds the horror in the unknown – in its atmosphere and sound – and as terrifying as it was at times, the feeling of being helpless in that house is something I want to feel again. As long as horror can be done right in VR, it provides one of the coolest experiences within the video game medium, and after my short time with MADiSON, it has the potential to be great come release day.”


COGConnected –  Madison VR Preview – A Stumble in the Dark (

“The Madison VR demo is full of intrigue. The story is demented and I’m interested to see if it can live up to its promising premise. I enjoyed the puzzles and the PT-influenced segments which adds a foreboding atmosphere to proceedings.”


Gamespew – Preview: MADiSON VR makes a scary game even scarier – GameSpew

“MADiSON is one of the scariest games we’ve ever played. In fact, it might even be the scariest. But now its terror is being turned up even more, thanks to a new VR version that is literally likely to scare you silly.”


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