How to receive your free VRSkater SL Pro Series Tour DLC code

How to receive your free The VRSkater SL Pro Series Tour DLC code:

For people who purchased the game digitally through the PS Store:

  • Please send an email to  In order to verify your request you will need to provide:
    • A screenshot / photo (Can use a camera phone) of the transaction date you purchased VR Skater.
    • Your region / country (To ensure we send you the correct code)
  • To take the photo of your Transaction History, please follow the below instructions:
  1. First, click on the PlayStation Store icon on your browser to go to the store.
  2. Scroll across the top list of menu headings until to reach the icon of the 3 dots at the very end, titled ‘MORE’.
  3. Click on this icon and then scroll down and click on ‘Transaction History’.
  4. Select the account you purchased VR Skater from and click ‘Continue’.
  5. Set the time period to cover the time you purchased VR Skater.
  6. Scroll down to find the VR Skater line and click on it.
  7. This will give you all the details we need to verify you purchased the game within the time period, including the date and your account name.  

For people who purchased the physical (boxed version) game through retail:

  • Please send an email to  with the following information:
    • Date you purchased the game?
    • Which Retailer you purchased the game from?
    • On which date?
    • In which country?
  • We will then send you further instructions on how to verify your request.

Codes will be distributed from 9.00AM (UK time) Monday 15th January.


10 Responses

    1. Sorry for the delay. There are a lot of people to process and we are going through them all. We expect to have reached all the emails by the end of today.


    1. Hi,

      We are getting through all the emails (there were a lot of people taking up us on the offer of free content) and should be up to date soon. Sorry for the delay.


  1. I have tried emailing multiple times but each time it is undelivered, is there another way to send in proof of purchase?

    1. Is this because the attachment is too big?

      If so, just email in without the attachment, and use a service like wetransfer etc?

  2. Hi , I’ve sent a couple of emails a few days ago with the transaction details for the dlc but haven’t heard anything back yet, any news at all

    1. Which email did you use and i can look into this. We are nearly up to date now, so let me see if yours is soon to be processed?

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