The Relic: The First Guardian x Perp Games Announcement

Here at Perp Games, we’re ending 2023 with a bang!


Discover, The Relic: The First Guardian, our latest addition to the Perp Games line up. Developed by Project Cloud Games and coming to PlayStation 5 console and PC early 2025.


In this action RPG, you embark on a heroic adventure to save the world in the dark as the last guardian. The once-prosperous Arsiltus was swallowed up by the void created by the destruction of the great relic and transformed into the land of death. Now your mission is to find the pieces of the broken great relic and close the void.


Check out the brand-new gameplay trailer released today, here!

At Perp Games, we continue to support physical box games and players can anticipate some exciting surprises from our early 2024 lineup. Follow us on FacebookInstagramX, and YouTube for new developments and announcements!



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