VR Skater – Sony Blog Post Reveals The Mega Ramp

VR Skater is a highly immersive street Skateboarding game coming to PlayStation VR2 this Summer! It’s a finely tuned mix of both arcade and simulation. Easy to learn but hard to master, the feeling you get after landing a difficult trick is like no other!

And thanks to our friends at PlayStation, we can find out more about one of the cool features, The MEGA RAMP.

One thing all Skaters need to experience in VR is the Mega Ramp! From a gameplay point of view, the mega ramp allows Players to catch air like never before, pulling off insane flip tricks and huge grabs over the iconic Mega Ramp, made famous by Skateboarding Legend Danny Way. Usually, the key gameplay dynamic of VR Skater is all about street skating. So, as well as being highly impressive and something the community wants, it offers a different gameplay mechanic in this separate immersive experience. Something completely new to the world of VR.

Read the PlayStation BLOG HERE


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