Last Days Of Lazarus. OUT NOW

The supernatural adventure game Last Days of Lazarus is out now on the PlayStation Stores:
USA Store

EU Store

With its disturbing story, religious imagery and the occasional scare, Last Days of Lazarus is heavily inspired by Romanian post-communist history, local superstitions and religious beliefs, and is set to unsettle PlayStation and XBSX players from today.

This first-person narrative driven game tells an enthralling story about family, loss and dark secrets, set on the backdrop of political turmoil and a spreading malediction. You play as Lazarus, a man with a troubled past, who returns home after his mother’s suicide to spend the holidays with his sister Lyudmila. But when she turns out missing and unexplained supernatural events happen in their childhood home, Lazarus sets out on a quest to uncover not only his sister’s fate, but also to reveal the dark secrets in this family’s disturbing past.

The Physical version is released this Friday across European retailer, but if you want something a little bit special, the Perp Store version, which consists of a sealed *’PEGI’ copy of the PS5 game, a PS5 inlay printed with the developers signatures, a Last Days of Lazarus A6 printed postcard, 3 reproduction A6 postcards sent from Vladimir to Martha (as seen in the game) and a logo sticker.

Find out more here:

Last Days of Lazarus Perp Store Edition


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