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It’s Official.  The world’s Best Kept Secret is finally out.  MADiSON is the scariest video game ever made.  And you can get 30% off right now.

Don’t believe us at Perp Games, believe the science.   According to a study made by The Science of Scare Project, MADiSON is the scientifically scariest video game ever made, informing us that the average heart rate when playing was a staggering 97 BPM, peaking at 131 BPM.

“MADiSON is the scientifically scariest video game ever made, with the new IP beating off established franchises such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill.” The Science of Scare Project

Check out the top 25 here.   MADiSON beat some great and extremely scary games to the top spot. Science of Scare: Scariest Video Games 2022 | broadbandchoices

And to celebrate we are pleased to announce that MADiSON currently has 30% off the price on the PSN Store and the Nintendo eShop.   With Halloween fast approaching, now is the perfect time to catch up on the scariest game of 2002.  The promotion price will last until 2nd November 2022.  Perp Games is also very pleased to announce that MADiSON has recently won two awards.  The NYX  Best Narrative and The Best Game of 2022 at the EVA Awards.  For those who have played MADiSON, this will not come as a surprise.   MADiSON received numerous 10 out of 10 scores, with countless other media outlets giving high marks and praising the game.



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Nintendo eShop

USA Store:   MADiSON for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Official Site

UK Store:  MADiSON | Nintendo Switch games | Games | Nintendo


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