MADiSON Bug Fixes – a Note from Alexis Di Stefano, CO – Owner and Director, BLOODIOUS GAMES

Alexis Di Stefano, CO – Owner and Director, BLOODIOUS GAMES

“I cannot put into words how exciting it is to finally launch MADiSON.   To see people play and enjoy our creation is the proudest moment of my life.   We are not an uber sized super developer with unlimited resources to call upon.  We are a very small team of 2 people.   We started making MADiSON many years ago and by putting our heart, our soul and our life into this game, the reception MADiSON has received has made us both very emotional.    At the time of writing, we are 80% on Metacritic.  I am so proud and humbled by this.

Of course, it has not all gone exactly as we would have wanted.   We have been heartbroken and so sorry to hear some people’s gaming experience suffered during launch.   So, energised to act on this feedback and improve the game  we have not celebrated the launch yet.  Taking on board all the feedback, good and bad,  we have worked nearly every hour since launch day to try to make sure your MADiSON experience is exactly how we have envisaged it.  After all, that is the least you deserve after supporting us on this journey.  We are so very grateful to all in the community out there who have not only been amazingly patient with us, but also extremely helpful in sending us often detailed information about their experiences.  This information has been invaluable and helped us all, across 1st Party, ourselves and our Publisher, to identify the problem areas and work on fixes.

We are currently working hard on fixing the bugs.  We still have some more work to do, as we strive for perfection, but I wanted to update everyone that we have identified and are fixing the bugs, especially the ‘achievement and save game’ console bugs that have caused people the most issues.  We hope to have some good news to share about patches going live, very soon.

Again, I want to thank you so much for your support.   Our vision for MADiSON was to not to develop a game that was a ‘good indie game’.   That was ‘a decent try from a small studio’, but a game that could hold its head high against the best in class.   We knew that raises expectations and that we would be fighting with studios with many, many times our resources.   But that has not stopped us and will not stop us.  We will continue to support MADiSON.”


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  1. Hey, i have a bug at the very end ( to avoid spoilers I’ll use symbols )
    When there are 2 things that need to be collected from the gramophone , I can see it but I cannot collect it , no icon to collect it …. too bad this is at the very end of the game and no way I can make it through

    1. Hi,

      This is actually not a bug. It is like a treasure hunt. There are a number of Gramophones and only a small amount are interactive. The puzzle is to get to them all and find what needs to be found before Blue Knees gets you


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