Oxide Room 104 USA Physical Edition Out Now

Oxide Room 104 PS4 and PS5 physical editions are released today across North America.   The physical version includes two exclusive art prints in postcard format, as well as exclusive digital content.

Oxide Room 104 is a body-horror videogame where we will unexpectedly wake up in the bathtub of room 104 of the Night Soul Motel, after going to an appointment for a shady business that has apparently gone wrong. From that moment on, Matthew, the protagonist of this story, will have to use all his skills to find the way out of there and put an end to the worst experience of his life, but a horrible creature and a ruthless scientist will prevent him from doing so. Each time Matthew dies, he will return again and again to the bathtub of room 104 as the motel becomes increasingly macabre and hostile.

The story will change every time you make a decision or perform certain actions, giving you a wide range of possibilities that will decide the fate of this terrifying adventure with multiple endings. Will you be able to survive Oxide Room 104?

Note the cartridge version for Nintendo Switch will arrive during the month of August.

You can buy the Perp Store Exclusive Edition here:

Oxide Room 104 Signed Edition – Perp (perpgames.com)



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