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Want to win a copy of MADiSON.  Of course, you do.  But what about winning a copy of MADiSON with your own personal front cover?

After the success of the Oxide Room 104 ‘Design your own Cover’ competition,  we are doing it again, and this time for the horror title MADiSON.  If we think your entry is the best from all the entries, we will integrate your design into the artwork, print it out and send you the physical edition of MADiSON game with your own personal cover.

All you need to do is send your image to   What you send us is up to you.  You can just scroll through your photo library and send us an image.  You can do anything.  Draw something, make something and photo it, or design something digital.   It’s kind of up to you.  We want to see all sorts of ideas. It does not have to be professional.  It can be funny, mad, original.

I have provided the MADiSON templates below, so if you want you can really integrate your ideas into the current full packaging design.!ApMChxGZ001BhswnZa4LlRZnSkylsw?e=xureB5

But as we say, you don’t need to worry too much about that.   The competition ends on the 30th June at 12.01PM GMT and until that point,  we will be taking your entrees and displaying them on our social media sites, so people can see your amazing creations.   Which is why you don’t have to worry if you don’t put it into the packaging template, because we can do that for you.   If you want, just can simply scroll through your photo library and send us your favourite picture.

One of our employees had a go, and of course as an employee of Perp Games, he can’t win, , but he  had some fun.   See if you can beat this:)


The important point is that it does not matter how you approach it.   Every entry stands a chance of winning. But there are some rules…….

Nothing rude, nothing offensive.   And you can’t use other people’s or companies IP or logos.

When you have your idea, simply send it to

You can find our Terms and Conditions here.

Design Your Own Front of Box – Perp (

Please read through them, but if you want the short summary, here it is:

  • You must be 18 or over to enter
  • Entrant designs an alternative front cover for the advertised game
  • Entrant submits an image of their entry to  in advance of the advertised closing date
  • The preferred choice of file format are  PSD, JPG or PNG.  Perp’s social channels may communicate if any alternatives formats are allowed
  • All entrants are solely responsible for ensuing their entry uses only materials and images that they have 100% rights to use.   Entries cannot infringe other companies or peoples IP rights
  • Entries that are rude, offensive or in bad tase will not be accepted
  • Perp retain the right to use any entry to promote the competition through Perp’s or third party social media, websites and other communication platforms
  • There will be one winner selected by a panel of Perp employees.  Perp will not enter into correspondence about how the winner was selected

Good luck and we look forward to seeing what you can do😊


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