MADiSON Possessed Camera DLC

To celebrate the weekend, we have a treat for you.    We have released a small video showing the content of the Possessed Camera DLC.



If you purchase the physical ‘Possessed Edition’, then this camera DLC pack is included.   Along with other really cool things:)


2 Responses

  1. I can’t redeem any of the DLC either the code on PSN or the extras from the website, the website doesn’t even exist. Ihave the possessed edition physical edition on PS5.

    1. Hi,

      The link does work: Here it is a hyperlink – just add your password

      The DLC code is not LIVE yet. The date for teh codes going LIVE was set on July 8th but it did not work. We are waiting on Sony fixing this issue and setting the LIVE date for the code. We are hopefully this will happen soon.

      Cheers, Mickey

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