Perp Games is Publishing the Amazing (and very funny) Breathedge

Breathedge tells the story of Man, a guy who was on his space-faring journey to bury his grandpa on a remote planet. As a result of a terrible catastrophe, Man is the only survivor, now struggling to survive in the harsh environment of outer space.  And Perp Games is publishing the physical versions of the PS4 and PS5 from February 25th 2022.

The game features survival mechanics, base-building, exploration, and a ton of dark humor to lighten the mood of an otherwise grim situation.

The story of Man is relayed in 6 chapters, each filled with a good mix of survival, adventure, and fun. Players can enjoy beautiful locations, retrofuturistic interiors and designs of an alternate future, and good game pacing that mixes the ever-present need for oxygen with consistent storytelling.


Watch the You Tube Video here:

Breathedge | PS4/PS5 Physical Reveal Trailer – YouTube



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