Perp Games Partner with Blowfish and Drakkar Dev to bring Blackwind to Retail

We are extremely proud to announce we are publishing the physical version of Blackwind for the PlayStation 5 console.  The physical version will be released from 21st January 2022.

Descripted as “fast, frenetic and brutal” by Press Start, Blackwind is a top-down sci-fi action game that puts you in the shoes of a teenager trapped inside a prototype battle armor suit during an alien invasion.

-Choose your playstyle: Engage in melee combat, shoot at will, launch missiles at enemies, or use special Battle Suit powers to survive showdowns.

– Fiercely terminate your opponents with brutal moves.

– Evolve your Battle Frame with new powers and expand your skill tree.

– Use the Battle Frame Drone to expand your fighting and exploring capabilities in the single-player campaign.

– Local Coop Mode: the Battle Frame and its Drone can be controlled by two players.


Find out more here:

Blackwind – Perp (


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