Wanderer Physical Disc Announcement

Today everyone at Perp Games is whipped into a frenzy because we have just announced we are publishing the physical version of the amazing Wanderer.

A unique blend of escape room style puzzles, tactile hands on interactions and action arcade sequences allows you to temporarily take the place of some of history’s most daring explorers, revered inventors, and fearless conquerors in real settings  from history

Prepare intricate machinery alongside frenzied inventor Nikola Tesla as you help prepare his world power machine. 

Take the stage in 1969 and give the performance of a lifetime to unite a generation.

Defend a king and civilization from what seems to be an inevitable downfall

Uncover traitors and decode covert messages during WW2

Uncover the secrets of the space race and fly with Amelia Earhart

More to come soon, including the much anticipated release date.


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