Pixel Ripped 1989 Competition

As a thank you to everyone who was so patient as we waited for a release date for Pixel Ripped 1989, we are proud to announce an incredibly special competition.

Do you want to win a LOT of Perp PSVR Games?   If so, you have come to the right place because in celebration of our Pixel Ripped 1989 release date of April 12th 2021, we are running a competition to allow one lucky winner the chance to win 13 Perp Games PSVR games.

We were going to give away 12 games (because the release date is the 12th April – see what we did) but then I got over excited and threw in a The Walking Dead Onslaught Steelbook Edition.    I know, crazy right!)

Whilst I would love to throw in the Tablecloth as well, my wife would kill me.   So to be clear the Portuguese Tablecloth is not, I repeat not, part of the prize.   It is nice though:)

Before I forget, we also have 3 cool runner up prizes of a ‘Goodie Box’ containing 2 PSVR games and Perp Games Merchandise.  (Perp Games Merchandise does not include any Table Cloth of any description, although I like the idea of a Perp Games Tablecloth…)

And here is the great bit.  You do not have to do anything to be in the competition.   If you have ordered a copy of Pixel Ripped 1989, you are already entered.

How is that you ask?   Easy, everyone who orders Pixel Ripped 1989, automatically gets the following numbers of entries into the draw:

  • 5 entries if you order the Pixel Ripped 1989 Pink Cassette Edition.
  • 3 entries if you order the standard Pixel Ripped 1989 Edition.

You can pre order Pixel Ripped 1989 here:
Perp | Store (perpgames.com)

Please note,  you do not have to buy Pixel Ripped 1989 to enter.      Anyone on our database at the time of the close of the competition (June 1st 2021) will automatically receive one entry.   To join the database simply fill in the details here: Perp | Newsletter (perpgames.com)

For example, if you order the Pixel Ripped 1989 Pink Cassette Edition and you are in our database, then you get a whopping 6 entries.

Here is a list of all the games you can win.    (But don’t worry if you have one or two of the games already, we can swap them out for a different one – we are nice like that!)

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time
Carly and the Reaperman
The Persistence
Apex Construct
Down the Rabbit Hole
The Walking Dead Survivors Edition
Form / Twilight Path
Budget Cuts
Box Vr

This competition is open until 1st June 2021. After this, no further entries to the competition will be permitted. All the T&C’s live here:

Perp | Pixel Ripped 1989 T&C’s (perpgames.com)





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