First Contact Entertainment and Perp Games Announce Partnership

What an announcement we are about to make.

I am so proud to say that we are partnering with First Contact Entertainment to bring the critically acclaimed, Solaris Offworld Combat to physical retail, by ‘Spring 2021’.

Developed by VR Experts, First Contact Entertainment, and the team who brought you Firewall Zero Hour, Solaris Offworld Combat is a fast-paced, multiplayer shooter that drops you straight into intense action! Now thanks to the PSVR, you can take full advantage of the PS Aim Controller support and experience the highest level of immersion possible.

First Content Entertainment said are thrilled to be working with us (they called us PSVR specialists:))  and can’t wait for all of their fans to grab a copy!”

“First Contact Entertainment is one of the leading VR studios, and it is a great honour to partner with them.” said our very own Managing Director at Perp Games, Rob Edwards,

We were fortunate enough to play an early build of Solaris Offworld Combat last year (actually we went to their studios in January before all the travel restrictions) and we were blown away by the focus on all out action and fun. We knew then that the age of immersive multiplayer VR gaming had begun.

Solaris Offworld Combat will be available globally on PlayStation VR from Spring 2021.


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