Can’t Drive This

Prepare for Some of the Most fun to have on your console in 2021, as ‘Can’t Drive This’ Physical Version is announced


You Can’t Drive this, but you can buy (then crash it) it when the chaotic multiplayer racing game arrives in stores for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5

Pixel Maniacs and Perp Games are proud to announce their partnership to bring ‘Can’t Drive This’ to physical retail on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5, in early 2021.

‘Can’t Drive This’ is a competitive co-op multiplayer party racing game (yes, this is such a thing) and some of the most fun you will have on your console in 2021.

Don’t believe us.   Listen what You Tuber extraordinaire, Markiplier had to say:


The unique gameplay sees players frantically building the road in front of them as your CO-OP partner attempts to drive their monster truck on your newly made raceway.   Easy right?   Maybe,, but the driver must keep the vehicle above the speed-limit, or the vehicle will explode (Heard that plot line before..).  Of course, if they they drive too fast, they will run out road, so don’t think you get it easy as the road builder. Then, if you can’t take the pressure of building the track, customise your own truck with gazillions of options and try your hand at driving while your mate scrabbles to pave the way.

Watch the trailer here: Can’t Drive This | Announcement Trailer | PEGI – YouTube

With 2-player online multiplayer game as well as up to 4 players on local split screen, single player, 4 games modes, literally trillions of customizable options across vehicles and tracks (no, we have not tried them all), and leaderboards the tension fun never stops.

Currently available as an Early Access Title on Steam, ‘Can’t Drive This’ has been a huge favorite for You Tubers and Streamers with 1,000’s of videos generating millions of views.

‘Can’t Drive This’ will be available this spring, physically and digitally on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 as well as additional digital formats.



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