Yupitergrad is venturing into new worlds!

Comrades! Yupitergrad is venturing into new worlds! New platforms, physical edition, and a game mode coming soon!


Studio Gamedust and the Social Spaciety are teaming-up with the publisher Perp Games to pack the critically acclaimed Space Based puzzle platformer Yupitergrad into a bunch of glorious boxes and deliver them physically into your nearest store shelves! It’s a delight for game collectors worldwide and the announcement sure deserves a few sips of cold compote and some tasty blini for dinner.

Just read how Jakub Matuszczak, COO at Gamedust is happy with this partnership, Comrade:

We are extremely happy to partner with Perp Games on delivering Yupitergrad to the market. As “old-school” gamers – we have very special place in our hearts for physical editions and we are thrilled that Yupitergrad will be the part of the Perp Games boxed games line up.

Extremely! And that says a lot! And what about Perp Games?

Yupitergrad has a charm of its own and plenty of humour to keep you amused as you travel at great speed through a deserted space station.  Yupitergrad is the perfect game to start 2021 and Perp Games is delighted to be bringing Yupitergrad to retailers early next year.” said Rob Edwards, Managing Director of Perp Games.

The Social Spaciety also needs to remind you – Time Attack mode is coming and will be free for all.  Inc the Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR versions of Yupitergrad, as well as with the physical edition for PlayStation.

Time Attack mode, which will also become available for all PC VR platforms. Comrades will be able to race against time in newly created and revamped levels, listen to a new batch of glorious, energetic music and compare their scores in the leaderboards. Early 2021 – don’t forget!

You can’t say it’s not a must-buy Comrade, eh? Don’t disappoint your Motherland and buy Yupitergrad physically as soon as it arrives early 2021.



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