I wish it could be Perpmas Everyday!

Maybe 2020 has not been the best, but we can at least end it in style.   From 7th December for 5 days, Perp Games will go Perpmas Crazy with prizes galore to give away.

The giveaways will be all over Perp Channels, from our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Discord and Website, with different giveaways running on different channels.    So follow as many as you can to increase your chances…

Each day will be based around a different theme and load of relevant prizes will be given out all through the day.   Sometimes the winner will be first to do something. Sometimes by doing something you are entered into a prize drawer – with so much happening over the 5 days, you need to keep alert to have the best chance of winning.

We have merchandise, special game collections and so much more:






Good luck and Happy Perpmas.



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