Ninja Legends Out Tomorrow


Coinflip Studios and Perp Games are thrilled to announce that Ninja Legends is releasing on PlayStation VR on Friday 30th October 2020!

Ninja Legends will be available  digitally in all regions as well as in a boxed edition in Europe

Players will stand toe to toe fighting waves of incoming enemies with weapons ranging from deadly katanas to a mighty bow. Each weapon handles very differently from the next, all of them requiring unique techniques to perfect. The game has been designed to make you feel like a ninja! It immediately drops you into the action and provides you with heavy doses of epic moments.

Ninja Legends features 18 levels across 4 difficulty modes, encouraging you to stay active through movement and dynamic action.

In addition, you will use various Shadow Skill abilities to slow down time and take down multiple enemies at once.

Throughout the main campaign, Ninja Legends also features intense boss battles that will really test your ninja reflexes.

With daily challenges to keep the action fresh, tons of secret unlockable modes to discover and an archery mode to test your precision, Ninja Legends is an ever-rewarding game that will keep you coming back for more.

Ninja Legends will release on PlayStation VR digitally, and in Physical format at European retailers from 30th October!



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