Drunkn Bar Fight gets EU Physical Release October 30th

Publisher Perp Games and Munky are delighted to announce that Drunkn Bar Fight will get its physical release on October 30th in EU Territories on PlayStation ® VR.

Drunkn Bar Fight is one of the most talked-about and watched games on YouTube in VR, with the likes of Kinda Funny Games, The Sixth Axis, Pure PlayStation, and more producing content and praising its hilarious style.

Drunkn Bar Fight, gives you the freedom to release your inner agent of chaos, as you walk into bars, crash into parties and use everything you can get your hands on as weapons of mass disturbance for the unsuspecting patrons.

In total, across the game’s four varied locations – which include a rooftop bar and an alleyway – there are more than sixty different types of objects that can be used and combined for even more dastardly mayhem

Drinking to affect your abilities in battle, finding hidden discoverables and secret weapons can also help to catch your sparring partner off guard, as they are trying to fight back.

Drunkn Bar Fight lets you play solo or with up to three other friends in online and offline co-op, working your way through each area.

Drunkn Bar Fight will get a physical release on PlayStation ® VR in EU Territories on October 30th.

Rob Edwards, Managing Director of Perp Games, says “Drunkn Bar Fight is one of the most successful VR franchises and we’re delighted to be bringing you a physical release on PlayStation VR this October. It’s an absolute ton of fun and the developer’s post-launch support will keep you entertained through 2021 and beyond.”

Of the announcement, Munky says “Bringing a game to a new format is always exciting: This means getting the game to brand new people, that will have brand new things to say about it. Hearing what they have to say when they become part of the community impacts directly on our next decisions to deliver fun moments, and this turns Drunkn Bar Fight into a better game.”

Drunkn Bar Fight includes: –

  • Over sixty different objects to use as weapons
  • Four Different Locations
  • Multiple free updates coming to the game post-launch
  • Online and Offline Co-Op for up to three people
  • Magic Potions that affect your size and strength
  • Change the music on the jukebox at any time
  • Lots of hidden secrets and discoverables

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