Taurus VR Friend or Foe Seasonal Event Begins!

The First Tier of Taurus VR Content Roadmap is now available for Steam Early Access Owners

Nusakan Studio and Perp Games are delighted to reveal that Taurus VR has received a major new Friend or Foe Seasonal Update on Steam Early Access.

The Friend or Foe event is designed to encourage competition with a new point-based system added to the leaderboards. 

Nusakan Studios have introduced a brand new environment to the game which has very dark and swampy vibes.

A new mystery spaceship, known only as the Taur-20, has also been added to the game and can be unlocked if you beat the score of Nusakan Studio’s finest pilot who has 3,120 points! 

The final release of Taurus VR is expected Summer 2020 on the Steam Oculus and HTC Vive Stores and will be compatible with all major PC headsets.

The new update also coincides with a price drop on Steam Early Access, and Taurus VR is now available for £4.64.

Taurus VR is retro reimagined for VR with its focus on arcade-style space shooting action and an emphasis on 6-degree body movement that really gets your adrenaline pumping. 

Taurus VR pits you against an ever-present alien threat, requiring the player to use full-body movement to steer the ship and arm gestures to fulfil the attack and defensive mechanisms. 

During the game’s Early Access period, Nusakan Studio have an extensive and generous content roadmap laid out, leading into the game’s full launch in the summer of 2020. 

Taurus VR currently features four worlds and six spaceships. Each spaceship has unique properties, with some better suited to certain encounters than others. 

With the release of this first tier, there are still a further three tiers on the content roadmap leading into launch. The final release of Taurus VR is expected to have five worlds, nine spaceships with additional mods, as well as boss battles, seasonal events and much more. Purchasing Taurus VR during the Early Access period will represent incredible value for money with the amount of content being generated by Nusakan Studio.

Of the announcement, Jaime Núñez, Creative Director at Nusakan Studios says “Adding seasonal events shows our ongoing commitment to making Taurus VR bigger and better, adding fresh content all the time. With a brand new ship, environment, and point-based leaderboard, you can try lots of new things. But I recommend you unlock all the other spaceships and worlds first so you’re fully prepared for the challenges that await in the Friend or Foe update. Do your best, pilot.” 

Taurus VR is now available on Steam Early Access along with a full demo. Taurus VR will leave Early Access and release in full Summer 2020 for all major PC Headsets.


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