Gun Club VR and Rush VR coming this May, Mini Motor Racing X arrives in June

Following our announcement last week that we’re working with The Binary Mill on several titles in 2020, we’re delighted to confirm release dates today.

Beginning on 29th May 2020, you will be able to pick up both Gun Club VR and Rush VR in EU Territories on PlayStation 4 at retail!

Gun Club VR sees you take to the range with the world’s most powerful weaponry, featuring addictive gameplay and unsurpassed realism.

Rush VR lets you take a dive into an adrenaline-pumping world as you put on a wingsuit and soar through the skies.

Following both games on 12th June 2020, will be Mini Motor Racing X on PlayStation 4 in EU Territories!

Mini Motor Racing X will see you dive into a high-octane frenzy where you battle for big bucks and bragging rights.

Dates and details for other territories will be announced in the coming weeks!



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